Sample Reflection Essay on the Topic Retreat

A reflection essay requires you to share your experience of an event. The reader expects to hear what you learned, whether your expectations were met and if you would suggest improvements. A reflection on retreat may also involve a projection of events to come. If you have never been to a retreat, you will be expected to describe what you expect from this experience.

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Reflection writing may also come as a work of fiction. The prompt provides a scenario that you could participate in. For instance, you may be asked to write an essay on how a retreat would benefit me even though you are yet to attend one.

While reflective writing is about personal experiences, there are writing rules that you must follow. Here are expert tips on how to write the best reflective essay.

  1. Review the instructions

Each essay is guided by very specific instructions. The instructions come in the form of a prompt capturing such aspects as the formatting style to use, length of your paper, title, and submission deadline. Instructions will also indicate the structure to adopt. Revisit the instructions to clearly understand the expectations from this writing exercise.

Essay writing instructions are usually descriptive. This may make them difficult to understand or execute. Consult your tutor to better understand the entries that could be problematic. You may also check samples of reflection essays from the library or online databases.

  1. Draft a title

Craft an interesting title for your reflection about retreat. The title gives readers an idea of the discussion to expect in your paper. It also sets the boundaries for your discussion.

Make the title interesting so that the reader will look forward to a valuable time reading your paper. The title must accurately represent the idea of reflection. From the title, a reader should automatically know that it is a reflection retreat essay.

  1. Read other reflection essays

Sample reflection essays will guide you when drafting your own. Check the library or online databases for the best reflection essay samples. The sample helps you to understand the right structure, how to craft the title, cite your sources. Once these worries are taken away, you can focus on drafting the most captivating paper. The samples must be of the best quality to avoid being misled.

  1. Research retreats

Do you know what happens during retreats? How about learning from the experiences of other people? It is interesting to learn how expectations differ from reality for most people during retreats. In other cases, you realize that you could have done more. Read the words of other people about their experiences. It will enrich your retreat experience essay instead of sharing mundane points.

  1. Develop an outline

Plan your paper by developing an outline. An outline indicates the points you intend to discuss in your paper and the order in which they appear. With a retreat reflection, you may begin by showing your anticipation. You then proceed to demonstrate whether the expectations were met. The outline makes your paper organized. You avoid skipping any idea or repeating others.

Settle down and craft your paper. Consider the instructions and make your experience unique. Use an outline to deliver the most organized essay. Edit before submission to avoid errors that mislead your work.

Here is a sample of a reflection essay on the topic retreat.

Getting lost in body and finding myself in spirit: a retreat that changed my life

I had never thought of attending retreats. While I was religious as a kid, my college life was nothing close to spiritual. But on this day, the stars aligned to realign my life, for good.

I entered the wrong room, missing the party by a whisker. I had been directed to the wrong building and there happened to be a speaker on stage. I could not leave immediately after I entered, so I opted to pretend for a few minutes.

While the speaker was delivering his sermon, something struck me. It could have been the old spiritual spirit that was awakened. I had a moment to reflect on my life, and how much I had gone off the course. From the reflection of the speaker, I could hardly recognize myself.

I abandoned my plans to attend the party and took a new path. I started reading spiritual and personal nourishment books. I attended other retreats and got deeper into spirituality. A year down the line, I have no regret about changing my perspective in life. That mistaken retreat had changed my life forever.